"Time is money."

We have all heard it a thousand times before, but yet, Dr. Interns finds our own truth in the statement. Many non-profit corporations are scrutinized for their financial mis-management these days. The core basis of our Cultural and Medical Internship is to provide knowledge to our participants about global healthcare. We want to take this approach with our donors as well. 

Here are some legal facts you may not know about donating to a non-profit:

  • Donations must have a specific cause that the donor is aware of.
  • Non-profits must separate donations in accounts by cause. The donation can only be used for the donor's intended cause. 
  • Non-profits are businesses that rely heavily on donations, but only certain donations can pay operational costs such as salaries. 
  • All non-profits are required to share their financial statements with the public. It's quite easy to see where they spend their money!
  • Non-profit's do not pay federal taxes on income, no matter how it is earned. (They're expected to use their funds wisely)

How can I help?

When donating, you deserve a choice. The most valuable asset to us is your time. We accept monetary donations and greatly appreciate them, but we also find exceptional value in volunteer work. Our team looks quite small, but we have a fantastic network of volunteers behind the scenes that we owe much of our success to. You don't have to be a global traveler to help either! Dr. Interns is always looking for volunteers in the following fields:

  • Program Directors (apply here)
  • Graphic Design
  • Website / SEO Consulting 
  • Clerical Work
  • Travel Planning
  • Data Analysis
  • Social Media Management
  • Photography and Videography 

If you're interested in volunteering your services, please contact us

Monetary Donations

We've been being honest. In continuing that trend, we like to inform our donors that most of our global projects rely on corporate donations. This is because corporate donations are often made in large amounts, and follow stipulations that do not allow the funds to be abused. Therefore, funds have to go to one cause, and we choose to fund special projects.

Our specific hospital donations (such as our Burn Ward in Surat, India) are mainly funded through a portion of the program fees we charge participants. The other portion of our program fees fund our operational costs. 

So why do we only accept monetary donations for operational costs? We're heading back to "time is money." As an individual you wear many hats, so your time is valuable. Think about your own job (if you're a student, pick the job you're going to be applying for). You perform a task, and that task is essential to run a business. By employing you, your employer has many costs. 

  • Personal Equipment (Computer, Desk, Chair)
  • Offices Supplies (Pens, Pencils, Paper, Printers)
  • Health Insurance 
  • Travel Expenses (Plane tickets to India) 

Those are only a few costs employers face. Use your judgement and put a price to each cost listed above, and add them up. It's a lot of money, isn't it? Now imagine multiplying it by all the employees in the fields listed above if they weren't volunteers. 

These donations are often some of the most important contributions, and they are certainly crucial to our success. The bigger picture doesn't exist without the building blocks to create it! If you're still interested in helping us build the bigger picture, please use the donation link below. You can also purchase an official Dr. Interns T-Shirt here. Revenue from T-Shirt sales also benefits our Operational Fund. 

Operational Donations