The Program

The Dr. Interns Medical and Cultural Internship is a two-week travel-abroad trip for premedical students studying in the United States. Our goal is to provide a firsthand experience of the global healthcare community and educate our participants about the disparities that burden underserved regions of the world. In order to accomplish this goal, we find it imperative that our participants see the “big picture” of global health. We strive to provide our participants with practical knowledge and enriching cultural experiences that will help advance this understanding. For a detailed overview of our Medical and Cultural Internships, please download our program guides (located below).

WHERE and When

We currently provide Medical and Cultural Internships in Surat, India. In this location, our participants witness the medical, cultural, and economic aspects of the health care system firsthand. The program has two, two week sessions to choose from (June 15th - June 30th and July 1st - July 15th). 




Each of our Medical and Cultural Internships have a required non-refundable deposit ($200.00), and a program payment fee ($2,000.00). These payments do not include the cost of airfare, visas (only required for India), passports, or vaccinations. 

So what do my payments cover? 

The deposit covers any operational and clerical costs required on our behalf before departure. It also secures participation in the program after acceptance, as spots are limited. The program payment represents the required full cost to participate in the Dr. Interns Medical and Cultural Internship. This payment is made in addition to the deposit, and goes towards many things, including but not limited to: lodging, food, excursions, transportation, operational costs, and hospital donations. 

If you have already been accepted into one of our Medical and Cultural Internships, and need to make a payment, you can use these links: 



Our ideal candidates are premedical students and undergraduates pursuing a career in the healthcare industry. We evaluate applicants on a variety of factors, including scholarship, community service, and work experience. Most importantly, applicants must show an outstanding level of commitment and drive to make a difference in healthcare. If your application is accepted, you will continue on to the interview process. 

We have rolling admissions, so go ahead and apply at anytime. 



Surat, India